The Raging Fire

The passionate broth within

That bubbles and broils and rises through sin

That steams and boils through the anger, the din

Of a wretched mind choked to the brim with itself

And its pain

Brought to death on its knees through its dishevelled health

All the flesh that is sickened and creeping insanely

Denying its beauty and wealth.

Feeling the rise of dutiful fire

That cannot but burn with the force of desire,

That rages, transforms all its path will bestow

It is raging in me, melts my body like snow.

And the crown it is opening, top of my head

Like a big fluffy hat is expanding through dread

And through anguish and grief and my wild thrashing rain

Till I let it transform to conversion again.

And it lifts me, awareness is taking me Home –

To a beautiful life, unencumbered soul

A dream of awakening, everything changed

Into peace, yes these wild rushing fires are the same.

For the peace of the infinite isn’t your death,

The rest that you crave in this house of the flesh,

The wish that they’d all bloody leave you alone

To be free, that your freedom could lie in these bones.

It’s a lie! All your longing to be here and free

Is your longing for death of the wretched body

But its death will not free you, for you are a mind

And you’ll choose in this moment which truth you would find.

You will find yourself here in this bodily form

Till your mind is transformed into Heaven’s sweet lawns

Till you offer a real alternative to

All the figures you’re dreaming are outside of you.

You cannot be free in a mindless state!

Your awareness reformed is the Mind that creates

In the glorious extension of Love as Itself

The body surrendered is its perfect health.

And its purpose so changed, from believing in pain

The desire to die yet again and again

To a freedom that gives its surrendered and whole

Implacable generous mind to the world.

Communicates wholly its gentle release,

And loves all it sees as its fire is unleashed

From its heart as it gently relaxes and knows

That from this sacred passion its gentleness grows.

In My Loving Service to You

Inspired by Sri Chimnoy – from Seventy Seven Thousand Service Trees:

The beauty of self-giving
Eventually grows into
The fragrance of God-becoming.                                                                                                                                                           Sri Chinmoy, part 10, #18

In my loving service to You

Let me be gratified in depths before unknown

Unreached by chimes of playful servitude

Let me experience the need of my soul

To give truly, unexceptionally, perfectly

Without the mask of human intervention.

Let me be released through giving to the joy of Your true gratitude

That welcomes all who come with gentle determination to be truly free.

In my loving service to You

Let me be taken apart and rendered unimaginable without You.

In my loving service to You

Let me at last in sincerity abide

Let me at last to Your wholeness attend

Let me at last bequeath my wanting to Your waiting heart

And commit at last to wanting only You.

Your intrinsic Heaven is Your constant gift to all who seek for meaning in it’s only Home.

Your intrinsic wholeness is the Life that beats it’s constant glorious drum,

Harmonising with Itself, attuning to it’s own accession with everything that it counts in as it’s own.

Allow me to include myself in this heavenly, uniting chorus.

Allow me to experience mySelf as truly part of Your whole, expressive joy.

Help me allow myself release of every boundary I have clung to

As I learn to give myself, through my loving service,

To the guiltless ardour of Your eternally encompassing arms.

Heaven is the decision I must make.

I make it now and will not change my mind, because it is the only thing I want.

ACIM Lesson 138

Some Form of Peace

Your answer is always some form of peace.

And I am alone again

Chaos relieved and released

A shambles of stories, beliefs

Infinitely familiar

Removed and uprooted, like brambles

Cut back and displaced

Erased, eradicated, reduced to nothing

Lifted, risen, raised

Above the battlefield again

My mind is gentle

You are here with me in love,

Angel of simplicity

You are love

All thoughts ABOUT THINGS

Eradicated, simplified, released

THERE IS NOTHING in my determination to be in conflict


You are with me and I have nothing else to choose

I am still now

Mind bent yesterday on defamation

Of everything peaceful and clear

Now You are with me

I return into the simplicity of Your love for me

I return into the clarity of my total responsibility

I return into the gentleness of my invulnerability

I am released

And You are here with me.

Thank you,

Your answer is always some form of Peace.

Deciding for the Light

Your gentle power wakes in me a joyful breed of constancy,

An unexpected ministry of Love itself, it’s blissful, free.

I love You in a childish way, with playful wonder, sweetness, faith,

Your constancy I can’t betray again, perfection starved by grief

Amongst the painful dreams of old that I invented and re-told

~     Every time I looked away from you, refusing to receive

the glory that your Mind bestows, the gentle generous fully whole

rememberance of Your gaiety, Your truly wonderful relief.

I love You from a woman’s heart, an adult desperate to depart

from grief that I had made myself believe and carry and behold

in every creature that I saw – my mind was twisted, tainted, scarred,

I chased myself away from love and saw outside what I denied within

and would not look upon, for fear of finding myself mad,

but when I looked at all that pain, all I discovered is that I

had been avoiding what was true, Your glorious light, the Truth in You

’twas witnessed to, cast back in me, reflected in such mystery,

such beauty and such gentle love that loosed me from the trembling of

a broken soul in infinite pain, relief from going against the grain.

Relieved to be within the flow of perfect power, gracefully sown.

Gracefully given, wholly saved for me in Mind that is my own.

My glorious wonderous Father dear, Who gently makes my vision clear,

Who gently rouses from our sleep His precious children from their fear

of dreams of bodies, space and time, from putrid deathful anguished times,

He raises us from all our woes as gently Homeward forth we go.

Enlighten me this moment, now, my precious Father, take me Home,

For I rely on Grace Your Own, to lift me from my foggy loam,

To raise me from th’ inquietude that I desired and felt and bore

to powerful becoming force that fear can’t resist or ignore.

But can simply and just dissolve, before the reach of its pure light

The darkness, it is there to see no more within Your Holy Sight.

The Sacred Meeting

I have nothing to do but fall in love.

The passionate wakings of my heart desire to keep, to enfold every human being within its infinite well.

I have only love for you.

In your shock, in your devastation, in your silent unheard longing for a reason, any reason at all.

I am here for you.

I cannot understand a hardened mind but love can penetrate, creeping, and find the vulnerability of a separated soul. Lost and alone and in desperate need of release from its self-evident constriction.

Let me take you inside me. Inside my energetic structure, far beyond bodily or physical concerns. Let me take you into me. Penetrate my deepest longing to communicate with what I have held outside myself.

Let me let you inside.

Where we meet in gentle recognition of Self-hood conflict is forever loosened, the rusted grievance lubricated and released, nothing holds us together in solitude and anguish anymore.

We can meet in gratitude.

We can meet in certainty.

We can meet, we can only meet, in love.



To the deafening sound of glory’s presence, rising clouds of angels in my morning mediation with my holy Lord.

How warm the glow of waking heart – a sudden wave relieves me, a sudden wave of what is always there, just beyond the the limits of the thinking mind.

Such force, dynamic depths cascading ‘cross the open landscape of a gently, powerfully, expanding mind.

Such stillness in the cool sway of mental machinations, held aloft, suspended, nowhere available to land.

Good God! You are here! You awaken in me and take hold across the open spaces of the Greater Mind – You show me what I am! Beyond this place! Beyond this body of supreme limitation and infinite misery, beyond this twisted mind of I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG! Beyond this fearful defence of a self that could never possibly exist in Your Infinite Reality.

Good God! Good God of Holy Glory. You become my dark defences; you enter into my wilfull resistance of Your Love; by my request, you enter into my insurmountable calamity, surpassing my intense desire to croak, to kill, to keep myself apart from what I need, and from what I am. You enter in. You become the chasm of my attempted defeat of You and You show me that it is nothing! That my childish ill humours and tantrums of such ferocity wax lyrical only in my own fantastic dream.

Thank you! Thank you  Light! Thank you Peace! Thank you Joy! For becoming me.. For becoming my deepest Heart and my most glorious infinite Soul. Thank you Life! For filling me as you cannot not, exploding my corruptible boundaries with Your passionate infinite force!

I LOVE YOU LOVE! I love you – Heart of All Beautiful Hearts. I love you Clearest Purest Mind.

I love You Father, I love mySelf in Your perfect creation, in this eternal instant of incorruptible Soul.

I love You now, completely. I love You, now, in certainty. I love You, now, in gentle simplicity.

Thank You for becoming me.

Thank You for becoming me, for burgeoning in me, for investing Your riches within me, for Your erupting volcanic trove within my breast and within my apparent brain.

Come forth within me. Let me acknowledge only Your Self in me, Your creation, Your work, Your goodness and Your love. Let me only grow in faith in You within me. Let all things fall away but what You show Youself to be, and let my faith in That Which You Are be my strength, my necessity, my choice, my desire, and my Home.

Father, let me know You as You know me.

Let me feel You as you feel me.

Let me know mySelf as you created me.

In honest, grateful, wholly pure desire,

Let me learn to…


To the deafening sound of glory’s presence, rising clouds of angels in my ongoing mediation with my holy Lord.



Thank you for being with me

In great depths

And endless openings

Thank you for being with me

Clarity of mind and depth of spirit

There is no deeper place that could be touched

Beyond where you touch me

And yet, at each touch, that place is deeper still

Thank you for being with me

Your presence, irridescant in my mind,

Cuts through contradiction

And simultaneously comforts, without exception

Take me into the depths of your soul

Somehow, I can open finally to you

Every mind could teach the beauty that you teach

But somehow, I let in in from you

There is a desperation, a longing, a burning desire 

For the truth

It is the chrysalis in which I am digesting myself

To awaken fresh into the blessed Spirit’s air

Comfort me, oh depths of limitless being

Behold, the glorious simplicity of Self-knowledge,

Self-acceptance, self released

Behold my burgeoning beauty

Far beyond the devious flesh.

The helm of love awakens 

And directs its secretly joyful journey