Resurrecting Body, Enlightening Mind

I am here, this Easter time, in the full and grateful recognition of the resurrection of my body and the enlightenment of my mind. These ideas are not separate or apart – the resurrection of mind is the enlightenment of the body structure – the experience of the quantum self. The body form is released entirely in the light of true vision that disperses doubt forever. And finally, finally, FINALLY – I am not wanting to receive, to get, but to give. I am finally able to accept the teaching that what I give to myself is given to my brother, and in my love for him I want only for him to experience the truth that I have been given. And here, finally, is the motivation that I needed in order to allow myself the recognition and experience of the truth.

Jesus is here with us in the process of the dissolving of the small self. He is here because when he awoke and resurrected he had nowhere else to go! His resurrection WAS his declaration that he would be here, with us, helping us in this, until it is over – until the end of time. His resurrection was his demonstration of that declaration. The two are inseparable, they are the same thing. One cannot occur without the other.

“My resurrection comes again each time I lead a brother safely to the place at which the journey ends and is forgot. I am renewed each time a brother learns there is a way from misery and pain. I am reborn each time a brother’s mind turns to the light in him and looks for me. I have forgotten no-one.” (from introduction to review 5, Lesson 171, A Course in Miracles)

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