The Mechanics of Mis-Creation

We’re going deep into the abyss with this one, folks! Deep into the black hole of separate self. More to come soon on the joy of the release and the beauty of the experience of being the quasar! Hang in there for just one moment…. 🙂

Lessons 16 and 17 of A Course in Miracles are “I have no neutral thoughts” and “I see no neutral things”. My recent practice of these lessons gave me a clear image as a direct teaching of them. The feeling or the energy of this teaching was one of tight constriction. The image was of a thick mat of woven fibres, the tiniest threads woven into cords, those wound together into thicker strands, and those wound around each other to form thick cables. These cables made up a dense mat of thought association, and I saw that every thought I have is a thread weaving itself into this mat, making it stronger, and stronger.

“I see no neutral things” because I have projected my thoughts about myself onto a cosmic field of potential, inventing a web, a fabric of fragmented references. A mat, literally a matrix of woven thoughts. Everything the body’s eyes ‘see’ (for this is not real seeing) is an image made by the mind that wants its matrix of mind association to be true. So rather than being neutral and passive, everything I see is the determination of the mind to make this energetic fabric of thought true, and the declaration of its own belief in it. Every image I see therefore, including my own image of myself as a body, is an active assertion and demonstration of the death and unreality of heaven, light, and God, and the reality of infinite fragmentation, separation, and therefore suffering and ultimately death. “I have no neutral thoughts” because every thought I have is another thread that the mind is actively weaving into its matrix of thought association. Every objective thought you have, any thought about something, including the self you think you are, is therefore equally and actively destructive.

The learning of this course can be explained as learning what an attack thought is. Lesson 23 is “I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts”. If you could see clearly what the mind is and how it works you would not need this course. The realisation necessary is that the action of mind that produces a conceptual thought is what attack is. And the action of mind that heals, that extends, that releases, that gives, that teaches all the universe the truth about itself, is what we call forgiveness.

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