Popping In and Out: The Expression of the Holy Instant

From chapter 17, section 5 of A Course in Miracles: “The holy relationship is the expression of the holy instant in living in this world. Like everything about salvation, the holy relationship is a practical device, witnessed to by its results. The holy instant never fails. The experience of it is always felt. Yes without expression it is not remembered. The holy relationship is a constant reminder of the experience in which the relationship became what it is.”

My experience of the beauty of my holy relationship with you: I’m going to be with you now and forever in our joyful union of mind and let the beautiful love that is your identity, which is God, nourish me eternally to the very nucleus of each single cell of my physicality and beyond to the atomic structure of my being, where I share the same space with you and all the universe of life, and I and we and it are popping in and out of existence and through the veils of multi-dimensionality continuously!


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