Master Teacher Reminds Me I Am Space

I had a beautiful experience with Master Teacher during our recent retreat in La Finca de Milagros near Benitachell in Spain. Tim played us the video ‘The Presence of God is Shining in me Now’, (workbook lesson 188 in A Course in Miracles), from Master Teacher’s ‘Illuminate Mind-Training’ Series. It is an incredibly powerful video, where the Master demonstrates clearly his own perfect certainty of universal reality and his own identity as that.

I was standing up, with my eyes closed, receiving a joyful exposure to the light of truth that Master Teacher’s mind emits. The joy is always in opening myself fully to the energy that is being transmitted by the mind that is teaching. That energy is powerfully transformative and awakens and activates my own desire to be with God, to be whole and totally immersed by and nourished in the gloriously rich and infinite expansion of His Heart and Mind.

In an instant I was given a deeper availability to join my mind with that of the Master and in that moment he was with me and he entered me physically, as in, his body stepped inside mine. I received a very gentle knowledge that we are the same thing; there is one body, one mind, only one thing actually occurring in all the apparently infinite complexity of space and time. The one thing that is occurring is mind coming home to itself, and the mind that is coming home to its Father’s grace and presence and joy is mine.

I felt the intimacy and tenderness with which the mind of Christ is offered through a whole mind in a clear declaration of its whole self, and of that one Self becoming one with me: that apparent separate body entering mine and showing me that we are the same.

In the next instant I was shown that we were out in space. I lifted my arms and swung them around a little and realised the stars were all around me! I was out in space with Master Teacher, being shown that I am him and I am space and I am the entire universe.

A short while later the video finished and we had a ‘light session’ with music – an opportunity to stand in the light with your brother and experience the joy of whole mind being itself with no distractions of the human mind. It is a time to be still and allow all the energy of the teaching session to release in a moment of genuine direct contact with your Father. Though I had opened my eyes and moved around I was still very much in the deep and very gentle super high frequency of light with the Master Teacher and as I stayed with him I believe I had my first real experiential understanding of what it is to be deeply in contact with myself.

I was deep, deep within, the world outside of me was irrelevant, though perfectly lovely and safe. Energetically it felt like I had fallen back and down, into a space just below my belly. My mind was not aware of the limits of my body identity. My physicality was shared completely with the space around me, the wall that the Son of God has built to enclose his separate self (A Course in Miracles, ‘What is the Body?’) was not in my awareness. My self is space and I was fully in contact with that reality.

The experience was one of richness and beauty and grace. The feeling of completely accepting everything that was occurring ‘out there’ in my perception lasted a couple of days. I was so deep in the safety and peace of my Father’s knowledge of me that nothing occurred around me that could upset that. My perception was whole, because my centre was so secure. I knew that I am the centre of my experience and that I am totally responsible for putting out there exactly what I want to see. And because my only desire was to experience grace, I perceived only joy. It was an experience of vision, of seeing truly, from the one true standpoint of acceptance of my whole Self; and the perception of beauty that is allowed or extended from the mind that is experiencing that state.

This experience is added to my storehouse of treasures, to the pile of bright references that give me stronger and stronger confidence in the value of the path that I am engaged in and the association that I have with my brothers who share the need that I have to be closer and ever closer to the Father of all creation.

‘I am not a body, I am free, for I am still as God create(s) me’ here and now! (Workbook lesson 199, A Course in Miracles). Thank you Master Teacher, for your deep certainty of Self that allows me to experience my own. And thank you Father, for bringing me home to you, in ongoing experiences of the safety, security and tenderness of your everlasting love.

Finca Retreat May-En

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