Meeting the Christ

Today I find myself in Section 3, Chapter 27 of A Course in Miracles: Beyond All Symbols.

From paragraph 3: “The picture of your brother that you see means nothing. There is nothing to attack or to deny; to love or hate, or to endow with power or to see as weak.” Here is a reminder that your body’s eyes literally see nothing. The projection of a thought of a body that you had a long time ago cannot be before you here and now. There is no thought of separation that can be sustained if you are wholly present in your Father’s love. A Course in Miracles is the reminder that you ARE wholly present in your Father’s love, despite your ongoing assertion that you are not!

“The picture has been wholly cancelled out, because it symbolized a contradiction that cancelled out the thought it represents.” The image that your body’s eyes perceive IS your desire to be without God. The thought your brother’s body represents is ‘I wonder what it’s like to be separate from God’, ‘I want to be separate’, ‘God is not my identity and Source’ or some variation of this idea. It is an insane thought, but one that through the unfathomably strong power of mind actually makes a world within which to sustain and justify itself. The thought is itself a contradiction, because you are what You Are. You cannot change your eternal reality. You cannot change yourSelf. Really, your will is God’s will. You have no will but God’s. Your true identity cannot change, and your desire cannot be for it to change. Therefore the picture you make of your brother, a separate thing outside of you, is not your will; you do not really want the attack, murder, revenge, aggression and rage that your brother’s body represents to you as a demonstration of your desire to be separate. The contradiction that you want what God wants and you also have your own separate will destroys the possibility that you wholly want what can only harm you. “And thus the picture has no cause at all.”

And “Who can perceive effect without a cause?” Jesus’ method of returning your mind to its rightful place is to convince you through experiential means that your insanity has had no effect. His assignment is to show you that your mind has not created in separation, creation is impossible in separation, and therefore what you believe you have made has not been made. It has no meaning and therefore it does not exist. “What can the causeless be but nothingness?” Nothing is cause that is not wholeness. Nothing can create that is not true. Nothing that comes from a contradiction can have any meaning. All that has meaning comes from God, Who is whole, Who’s Mind encompasses everything that Is. When you really see that the world you believe is real has no meaning, you will be willing to focus your entire self upon the truth, and you will know your Father. “To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on it” (Text, 6, 3, 4).

“The picture of your brother that you see is wholly absent and has never been. Let, then, the empty space it occupies be recognized as vacant, and the time devoted to its seeing be perceived as idly spent, a time unoccupied. An empty space that is not seen as filled, an unused interval of time not seen as spent and fully occupied, become a silent invitation to the truth to enter, and to make itself at home.” This is really your job. Your job is to recognize nothingness and do nothing about it. Your job is to release the meaning that you have given to everything you see, and to let it show you of itself what It Is. Your job is to let your Father replace all the images you have made with the endless, infinite glory of His Reality. Your job is to know your Father through realising that you don’t know what anything is and you don’t know what anything is for. He will show you then the truth that your world is infact causeless, that you as you know yourself are causeless, and that your desire to be what you are not has had no real effects.

“No preparation can be made that would enhance the invitation’s real apeal. For what you leave as vacant God will fill, and where He is there must the truth abide.” This reminds me of “You prepare your mind for [the holy instant] only to the extent of recognizing that you want it above all else” (Text, 18, 4, 1). The desire to be with God is what being with God is. Not from a place of wanting, but from a place of certainty, gentleness, and gratitude.

“The picture of your brother given you to occupy the space so lately left unoccupied and vacant will not need defense of any kind. For you will give it overwhelming preference. Nor delay an instant in deciding that it is the only one you want.” Your will is God’s. Your will is whole. You want truth. You want to know yourSelf. And everything you want is given you.

Your Father is here with you. HERE with you, in THIS space and time. In THIS moment of emptiness of all form. In this moment He will come and make His abode in you, and you will know yourSelf as with Him, in Him, as Him. This experience is what forgiveness is, and it is available to you, now, and only now.

Thank you for reading and thank you for needing Truth. My heart is with you forever.

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