A Christmas Poem

I went to the sea one day, lost in confusion,
But clarity came when I looked at your words.
You told me to look straight ahead at my thinking,
My problem was total you said, and I heard.

I stood on the cliff top and said to the ocean,
(For you individually weren’t yet my guide),
If this is supposed to be life, I am leaving,
If this is the genuine state of my mind.

Jesus, my saviour, you entered my consciousness,
Rested within me and made me your home.
I didn’t notice ’cause I was still thinking
About myself. Feverish, fearing, alone.

As I read your words over and over
And heard them repeated by those you had sent,
I knew their delivery wasn’t accepted
Or signed for, I listened without my consent.

But I also knew that you’d heard and you’d come.
And not for a moment did I doubt your faith in me,
To come to you, holy and grateful,
As soon as I could, as soon as I felt safe.

Jesus, my saviour, you enter my consciousness,
Settle within me. I know that you’re there, because
Each time I turn to you I feel your majesty
Strength and dependence on joy that we share.

At first I turn to you just when I need you,
When troubles are full and temptation is high.
It takes effort to need prayer sincerely,
Only when I fall to my knees do I try.

Through your immediate answer to prayer
I begin to acknowledge your presence inside.
I see very quickly when I will accept it
That problems resolve in an instant of light.

Then starts to dawn in me the realisation
That heaven is asking a favour of me.
To trust your creation, and your intervention
In everything I do or say or I think.

Jesus, my saviour, you enter my consciousness,
Rest in my heart and speak into my mind.
All my desires and my deep contradictions
Released in an instant of heavenly sight.

Finally I find a perfect devotion
That opens my tear ducts and shatters my pride.
You have released from me eons of shame
And destruction and fear that I’d hidden inside.

You told me to test out the methods you’d given
That faith unsupported is not your will
You taught me to ask and to stop and to listen
That all heaven’s helpers are with me still.

You offer your mind as I share all my burdens,
You offer your heart as I tell you what’s wrong.
You gently remind me it’s all my projection,
And that I can undo anything I’ve done.

Jesus, my saviour, for what you have given me
I give my life to you, you are my guide.
Let me not follow in darkest imaginings
Let me say ‘no’ as they come to my mind.

If I’m in fear I am trusting in littleness
Magnitude I decide will be my choice.
You are so gently within me but powerfully
Present when I listen to your voice.

Jesus, my saviour, you come from the Father
And you remind me that I come from Him too.
My practical experience of your help
Is what’s brought me along on the road back to you.

Jesus, my saviour, you enter my consciousness
Live in my soul and release all it’s pain.
Jesus, my saviour, I love you eternally,
With you I walk, and with you I remain.

Jesus, I love you, my heart is your Kingdom,
Forever and ever within me you reign.
Our Father is present, in this holy light
As you offer me His love again and again.

Jesus, you’re perfect, your mind is perfection,
Your offering truth and your certainty love.
I will stand with you and declare my innocence
To all the world and to heaven above.

Jesus, my saviour, you’re my declaration,
Your light makes it possible for me to see.
Jesus, my saviour, you’re my inspiration,
I love you, thank you for being born in me.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem

  1. Many years ago, approx. 20 I went to the sea and cried out, this poem so true and so apt, this time 20 years on and only just awakening to this great work I am finally getting God, wanting God and embracing God X thanks to the advocates of this great work X and for Jesus for being born for us, with love X

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