Deciding for the Light

Your gentle power wakes in me a joyful breed of constancy,

An unexpected ministry of Love itself, it’s blissful, free.

I love You in a childish way, with playful wonder, sweetness, faith,

Your constancy I can’t betray again, perfection starved by grief

Amongst the painful dreams of old that I invented and re-told

~     Every time I looked away from you, refusing to receive

the glory that your Mind bestows, the gentle generous fully whole

rememberance of Your gaiety, Your truly wonderful relief.

I love You from a woman’s heart, an adult desperate to depart

from grief that I had made myself believe and carry and behold

in every creature that I saw – my mind was twisted, tainted, scarred,

I chased myself away from love and saw outside what I denied within

and would not look upon, for fear of finding myself mad,

but when I looked at all that pain, all I discovered is that I

had been avoiding what was true, Your glorious light, the Truth in You

’twas witnessed to, cast back in me, reflected in such mystery,

such beauty and such gentle love that loosed me from the trembling of

a broken soul in infinite pain, relief from going against the grain.

Relieved to be within the flow of perfect power, gracefully sown.

Gracefully given, wholly saved for me in Mind that is my own.

My glorious wonderous Father dear, Who gently makes my vision clear,

Who gently rouses from our sleep His precious children from their fear

of dreams of bodies, space and time, from putrid deathful anguished times,

He raises us from all our woes as gently Homeward forth we go.

Enlighten me this moment, now, my precious Father, take me Home,

For I rely on Grace Your Own, to lift me from my foggy loam,

To raise me from th’ inquietude that I desired and felt and bore

to powerful becoming force that fear can’t resist or ignore.

But can simply and just dissolve, before the reach of its pure light

The darkness, it is there to see no more within Your Holy Sight.

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