The Raging Fire

The passionate broth within

That bubbles and broils and rises through sin

That steams and boils through the anger, the din

Of a wretched mind choked to the brim with itself

And its pain

Brought to death on its knees through its dishevelled health

All the flesh that is sickened and creeping insanely

Denying its beauty and wealth.

Feeling the rise of dutiful fire

That cannot but burn with the force of desire,

That rages, transforms all its path will bestow

It is raging in me, melts my body like snow.

And the crown it is opening, top of my head

Like a big fluffy hat is expanding through dread

And through anguish and grief and my wild thrashing rain

Till I let it transform to conversion again.

And it lifts me, awareness is taking me Home –

To a beautiful life, unencumbered soul

A dream of awakening, everything changed

Into peace, yes these wild rushing fires are the same.

For the peace of the infinite isn’t your death,

The rest that you crave in this house of the flesh,

The wish that they’d all bloody leave you alone

To be free, that your freedom could lie in these bones.

It’s a lie! All your longing to be here and free

Is your longing for death of the wretched body

But its death will not free you, for you are a mind

And you’ll choose in this moment which truth you would find.

You will find yourself here in this bodily form

Till your mind is transformed into Heaven’s sweet lawns

Till you offer a real alternative to

All the figures you’re dreaming are outside of you.

You cannot be free in a mindless state!

Your awareness reformed is the Mind that creates

In the glorious extension of Love as Itself

The body surrendered is its perfect health.

And its purpose so changed, from believing in pain

The desire to die yet again and again

To a freedom that gives its surrendered and whole

Implacable generous mind to the world.

Communicates wholly its gentle release,

And loves all it sees as its fire is unleashed

From its heart as it gently relaxes and knows

That from this sacred passion its gentleness grows.

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