Everyone Knows

Everyone knows how beautiful you are

Everyone knows the extent to which you give your whole heart to everyone

Everyone knows how extraordinary the light that pours from your purity of soul

Everyone sees it, throughout the universe and further into realms that words do not have presence for

Everyone knows how much you shine

Everyone feels the light that radiates eternally through your expression

Everyone knows the beauty of your sacred smile that blooms and sheds its petals in swathes of gentle colour, lighting up the pathway for the ones who follow on

Everyone sees the depths you think you go to, to deny the promise that you gave us

Everyone sees, and no-one cares, but you. Everyone just… waits. Waits for you to finally understand

That everyone knows how beautiful you are, how much you give, how much you love for the pure sake of loving

Can you not now give yourself to this.. this that everyone, everyone knows?

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