This Day I Am Born

In your deepest self there lies awakening

Growing and evolving all the time

Opening and reassociating

At ever higher levels of the mind

In your deepest heart there is a silence

Beating with a mindful rhythmic grace

Asking you to listen to it’s secrets

Open to receive it’s gentle space

Deep within the soul that you are feeling

In the quiet moments that you give

Lies a nourishment that brings you healing

Welcomed by the mind’s desire to live

Life wells from within and rises gently

Soaking up through spongey open cells

Flooding all the senses, taking over

Rippling past a thousand silent bells

Vibrations of a pure, divine order

Shudder through this extraneous form

Radiance, bequeathed to my acceptance

Comes alive in me – this day, I’m born

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