To Walk the Straight Path

Thank you for the photo: Stephan Leonardi on Unsplash

Seek not amongst the branches
Riddled with your fear
That curl their arms around your throat and limbs
And hold you here
In raging wild confusion
Restrained from moving on
Into the glorious instant
Of the birthing of the Son

Seek not on thorny byways
For what’s right here at home
The Will within your being is the help that guides you on
The centre of this instant
The waking up from time
Don’t waiver from this singularity
Just walk the line

This pathway is your focus
Those byways are your thoughts
They cannot block the pathway
Uninvited by your doubts
And in this holy instant
Caressed by God’s dear heart
All questioning and querying is gently torn apart

So seek not in the thicket
For the path that leads you on
It’s not within the thoughts 
But in the silence, clear and strong
The silence that surrounds you
Within each breath, each word
That whispers through the form and inexpressibly is heard

Let us not lose our way again today. We go to Heaven, and the path is straight. Only if we attempt to wander can there be delay, and needless wasted time on thorny byways. God alone is sure, and He will guide our footsteps. He will not desert His Son in need, nor let him stray forever from his home. The Father calls; the Son will hear. And that is all there is to what appears to be a world apart from God, where bodies have reality. 

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook lesson 200)


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