Master Teacher

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The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles is an individual who awoke completely from the illusion of human being-ness in space and time. Like other masters before him, he recognised wholeheartedly the futility of ‘life’ in separation; the complete emptiness of form, and the innate expansiveness and pure beauty and joy of truly unlimited mind. He felt a sincere urgency to raise the frequency of mind – to extend to others the simplicity of truth that he had discovered, and anyone who chose to be near him felt the intensity of the light in this determination and this need. Teaching the truth became his only role, it actually became his identity itself.

Master Teacher, also known as ‘Dear One’, passed a few years ago. He has left us a catalogue of materials, books, videos and original audio recordings, of his teachings. All materials are available online and to download when you register for free. He also remains with us. In his full recognition of himself as far beyond form, he is immediately available in my mind, or in your own. He is entirely available to you for your transitional moment or process, from human being to whole mind in truth.

To me, the Master Teacher is certainty, certainty of truth; certainty of the unreality of separate, fragmented, objective perception and identity:

“That’s the way you can always tell an awakening consciousness or one that’s awake. You may not be able to know what he’s sure about, but you can see that he’s very sure about whatever it is that you’re not sure that he’s sure about. That’s a lovely definition.”!

(‘Subjective Thought’, from How Simple the Solution: Discourses with Master Teacher)

He teaches singular subjective reality: that you are the world that you see, that there is nothing outside of you, that the world you have made and choose to look upon is your own construction of mechanisms that will perfectly bind you to a level of consciousness or a frequency of thought out of which you will not attempt to climb.

My own recognition is that this mind is the totality of my salvation from separate self. It is a mind that has come to know itself completely, through its own recognition of the mind of Jesus Christ, through its surrender to the light available through contact with that consciousness, and through its determination to be always new, always releasing itself, never establishing for more than a moment as a separate bodily identity in space and time. The power and grace expressed through this individual are astonishing to me, and I depend entirely on this power and this grace to release me from my own determination to be separate in a world of fragmentation, depression and death.

Hallelujah for the escape from the bondage of space and time! And thank you God.