The Sacred Meeting

I have nothing to do but fall in love.

The passionate wakings of my heart desire to keep, to enfold every human being within its infinite well.

I have only love for you.

In your shock, in your devastation, in your silent unheard longing for a reason, any reason at all.

I am here for you.

I cannot understand a hardened mind but love can penetrate, creeping, and find the vulnerability of a separated soul. Lost and alone and in desperate need of release from its self-evident constriction.

Let me take you inside me. Inside my energetic structure, far beyond bodily or physical concerns. Let me take you into me. Penetrate my deepest longing to communicate with what I have held outside myself.

Let me let you inside.

Where we meet in gentle recognition of Self-hood conflict is forever loosened, the rusted grievance lubricated and released, nothing holds us together in solitude and anguish anymore.

We can meet in gratitude.

We can meet in certainty.

We can meet, we can only meet, in love.


Thank you for being with me

In great depths

And endless openings

Thank you for being with me

Clarity of mind and depth of spirit

There is no deeper place that could be touched

Beyond where you touch me

And yet, at each touch, that place is deeper still

Thank you for being with me

Your presence, irridescant in my mind,

Cuts through contradiction

And simultaneously comforts, without exception

Take me into the depths of your soul

Somehow, I can open finally to you

Every mind could teach the beauty that you teach

But somehow, I let in in from you

There is a desperation, a longing, a burning desire

For the truth

It is the chrysalis in which I am digesting myself

To awaken fresh into the blessed Spirit’s air

Comfort me, oh depths of limitless being

Behold, the glorious simplicity of Self-knowledge,

Self-acceptance, self released

Behold my burgeoning beauty

Far beyond the devious flesh.

The helm of love awakens

And directs its secretly joyful journey



Structures loosening
Fibres separating
Finding space between strands
Quantum existence becoming tangible
Space being discovered in solid form
By the mind desperate to renew itself
And revelling, calm, in the quiet faith of certainty

Mind is form, form is mind
No space for separation
No space between forms, only within form itself
The space that encompasses, takes up, everything

Quantum experience reiterated
Again and still again

Instants of wholeness
Perfectly formless recognition
Genuine beauty
And bliss

Here I am Father!
Here I am Nature!
Here I am Holy Source!

Bequeath me of your glorious innocence of all form!
Surround, encompass and penetrate my being with your unearthly magnitude!
And let me know, cherish, remember, give, extend, your heavenly alms to all who delve within the images of my mind

You are mine forever
Here forever
Teasing, gently teasing apart the strands of the fabric of my listless reality

Come take me apart
Come loosen the fibres of my woven seams
Come loosen the threads of my undeserving hostility
Come rectify the heavy chains I have dictated in my fiendish, presumptuous dreams

Come into me fully
My heavenly counsellor
Your true beauty is beyond compare

As you enter the fabric of my costume and begin to separate the woven fibres of my dense material being
You make space
For me
To see

Be Nothing

Be nothing
Being nothing
Is being Everything

Be nothing here
If you are something in a place of nothing
You are nothing in a place of Everything

How to be nothing?
Well, don’t be something!
Divest yourself momentarily of the need to be something
Divest yourself entirely of the need to be anything

Be nothing
Let Everything show you what you are
How can Everything show you One-thing
If you’re already something (that is nothing?)

You are already Everything!
Beyond That is nothing!
Outside That is nothing.

You, here, now, divested of everything
Be Nothing
Know Nothing
See Nothing
Let yourself be shown Something

Doing Nothing

Forgiveness is
Doing nothing

Standing or sitting still
And waiting
For the energetic release that empties you of everything
That empties you of the world
That shows you the world is nothing
That empties you of you
That shows you you are the world
That shows you you are nothing

Forgiveness is
Releasing everything

No specifics exist
For you to hold onto

Forgiveness is holy, non-specific
Whole mind, wholly, nonlocality
Experienced in mind and body
Felt as resurrecting cells

This is a physical resurrection
Your awakening to wholeness
You ARE a body
If not, why do you need the lesson:
“I am not a body, I am free?”
But that you believe that you are bodily,
Physical, limited, contained

Forgiveness is
The release of location to nonlocality
You, literally, disappearing

So does the world really disappear?
It already did
In one holy instant of forgiveness

You discover you are nothing
God is everything
And you are God


I am here only to serve you

I am here only to serve you


I am here only to know you

Depth of infinite being

I am here only to serve you


Precious union
One Mind speaking
To me or from me?
No distance

A voice within the mind
Addressing itself
But from far beyond
It’s tiny walls of self

And yet itself still
Infinite in magnitude
Wholly inclusive

The recognition
That we address each other
With the same words

All within
Infinite in capacity




That is My Mind

Infinite glorious spaciousness
That is my mind

That table is my mind
That war is my mind

Crashing clashing
Conflict of tortured souls
Intricate beauty
Beyond my false projection
That is my mind

Joyful expansive reflection of light
That is my mind

Terrible contraction of space-time
Death urge
That, that is my mind

Renowned enlightened expression
Deep wisdom

That is my mind

Murderous raging rampage
Sultry sensual temptress
Indignant hostile fire
Cool, cold-shouldered turning away

Stabbing heartbreak

Vicious attack
Irretrievable blow

That, that pain is my mind
That lashes out, indestructible, unrecognisable angst, hell-fire raging in the soul
Temptation to drown, to crush and to kill
That, that too is my mind

The world is my mind

No escaping totality

Whole and unequivocal
Rests on my solid shoulders of separate self

Desperately seeks
Desires conversion

Receives totally
In its totality

Perfectly simple
Affording perfect peace

Separate self
Alone in guilt
Whole mind
Releasing all of form

Ministry beginning
Wholeness awakening in the one that says
That, that, that is my mind

Whole Mind

Whole mind rains gently down upon me
A galaxy of sweetly falling stars

Whole mind rises through me
A sweeping rushing tide

Whole mind battles in me
Thunderous crashing power

Whole mind is simply, gently, generously

Whole mind drills down through my body
Opens chasms of depth for me to fall down into
In which to find myself

Whole mind opens a vortex above my head
A spiralling joy of heavenly grace

Whole mind is a palpable field in which I find your mind
And we dance together
In glorious perfect harmony

I Am Everything

Wordless expressions of love
Experienced only


A deep unqualified knowing
The deepest purest fullest sense
Of being known

Core nourishment
Deep deep tranquillity


Uttered through words unsaid

Peacefulness of heart

As I knew it
Rendered entirely redundant

This is mind
This communication
This indisputable sense of being found
This is Mind

This is gentleness

Slow to judge
Quick to come to aid

You are this love
You are these fronds of noiseless union
Clattering softly in midnight’s breeze
Shifting stars behind you in the crystal clarity of sky

You are this clarity of expression
Clarity of experience
Clarity of reality

You are this gentle knowing
Deep longing satisfied at last in love

You are this deep mind space
Separate entirely from tragic musings of earthly tombs

You are this noiseless communication
Gentle knowing clarity
Wholly of life

You are this peace
You are this beauty
You are this love

As I utter thanks to you
I realise the utmost absurdity
Of thanking form for truth

And the sky becomes my mind

And just for a moment
I am everything